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PABENHAM, Catherine (I7730)
PACKARD, Matilda (I4843)
PADDOCK, Augustus (I3339)
PAGE, Abiah (I1957)
PAGE, Abigail (I1964)
PAGE, Abigail Jane (I1296)
PAGE, Benjamin (I1921)
PAGE, Betsey (I2012)
PAGE, Daniel (I1940)
PAGE, Dr Mary Gertrude (I1321)
PAGE, Dr Samuel (I1319)
PAGE, Duston (I1960)
PAGE, Elizabeth (I1926)
PAGE, Elizabeth (I1227)
PAGE, Hannah (I1934)
PAGE, Hannah (I1965)
PAGE, Jeremiah (I1919)
PAGE, Jerimiah (I1956)
PAGE, Jesse (I2297)
PAGE, Jesse (I1963)
PAGE, Job (I1892)
PAGE, John (I1312)
PAGE, John (I1923)
PAGE, Jonathon (I1939)
PAGE, Joshua (I1936)
PAGE, Joshua (I1918)
PAGE, Mary (I1962)
PAGE, Mehitable (I1932)
PAGE, Peter (I1930)
PAGE, Phebe (I1311)
PAGE, Phebe (I3450)
PAGE, Pricilla (I1353)
PAGE, Ruth (I8214)
PAGE, Ruth (I1942)
PAGE, Samuel (I3017)
PAGE, Samuel (I3018)
PAGE, Thomas (I2011)
PAGE, Thomas (I1958)
PAGE, Wife (I7364)
PAINE, Jason (I6214)
PALMER, Eddie Bryan (I6932)
PALMER, Elizabeth (I942)
PALMER, Elizabeth (I1857)
PALMER, Harriet (I559)
PALMER, Joseph (I5169)
PALMER, Sarah (I1862)
PALMQUIST, Robert (I6673)
PARKER, Brent (I888)
PARKER, Carl (I442)
PARKER, Elizabeth (I7354)
PARKER, Esther (I1833)
PARKER, Frank Benjamin (I3621)
PARKER, Hannah (I947)
PARKER, Joseph (I7352)
PARKER, Mary Jane (I4000)
PARKER, Maude P. (I4312)
PARKER, Nathaniel Nathan (I946)
PARKER, Paula (I3625)
PARKER, Peter (I7351)
PARKER, Sara (I7355)
PARKS, Alta La Vinnin (I5952)
PARKS, Amanda Myrtle (I5944)
PARKS, Edith Opal (I5940)
PARKS, Frances Helen (I5954)
PARKS, Ida May (I5948)
PARKS, Lester Lee (I5946)
PARKS, Thomas (I5937)
PARKS, Thomas Edward (I5950)
PARKS, Virginia Pauline (I5956)
PARKS, Walter Ross (I5938)
PARKS, Wilson Luther (I5942)
PARMELEE, Dr Rotus (I2412)
PARMENTER, Elsie (I4051)
PARR, Ann (I7724)
PARRIN, Luretta (I7910)
PARSON, Mildred A. (I6914)
PARSONS, Daniel A. (I3129)
PARSONS, Ellen L. (I2682)
PARSONS, Israel (I2678)
PARSONS, Lizzie (I3130)
PARSONS, Mary Jane (I2679)
PARSONS, Nancy Jane (I4134)
PARSONS, Nancy Pierce (I2680)
PARSONS, Robert C. (I2684)
PARSONS, W. W. (I2683)
PASCOE, Dorothy E. (I196)
PATCH, Paul D. (I2373)
PATCH, Timothy (I2145)
PATNOCLE, Cecilia (I4429)
PATTE, Abigail (I7055)
PATTEE, Eliphalet (I1236)
PATTEE, Hannah (I1234)
PATTEE, Jepidiah (I1235)
PATTEE, Joanna (I1229)
PATTEE, Jonathon (I1232)
PATTEE, Lois (I1238)
PATTEE, Mary (I1233)
PATTEE, Miriam (I1307)
PATTEE, Molly (I1237)
PATTEE, Sarah (I61)
PATTEE, Seth (I1239)
PATTEE, Seth (I1230)
PATTEE, Tabitha (Ela) (I5671)
PATTEN, Andrew F. (I2662)
PATTEN, Andrew (I2657)
PATTEN, Edwin D. (I2666)
PATTEN, Lydia (I2658)
PATTEN, William M. (I2664)
PATTERSON, Helen (I4715)
PATTERSON, Mary (I4169)
PATTERSON, Mary (I4803)
PATTON, Susan A. (I2660)
PAUL, Betsy Maria (I1317)
PAULY, Elmira E. (I3882)
PEABODY, Captain William (I7288)
PEABODY, Hannah (I7295)
PEABODY, Hannah Chandler (I7296)
PEABODY, Nancy (I142)
PEABODY, Priscilla (I7294)
PEABODY, Sarah (I7293)
PEABODY, Stephen Col.(I145)
PEABODY, Susanna (I7292)
PEABODY, Thomas (I143)
PEABODY, William (I7290)
PEARL, Zola (I6014)
PEASLEE, Mary (I2787)
PEASLEE, Sarah (I1375)
PEEBLY, Dorothy (I5471)
PEETER, Katie Ola (I6554)
PEGG, Sarah (I2054)
PEHRSDOTTER, Cherstin (I278)
PELL, John (I5194)
PENGRY, Sarah (I1243)
PERKINS, Arthur E. (I5247)
PERKINS, Caroline (I3188)
PERKINS, Earnest (I5248)
PERKINS, Eliza (I8102)
PERKINS, Elizabeth Stone (I3189)
PERKINS, Florilla (I5249)
PERKINS, George (I5250)
PERKINS, George E. (I3526)
PERKINS, Harriet (I3186)
PERKINS, Helen M. (I3527)
PERKINS, Henry J. (I3714)
PERKINS, Jennie W. (I4246)
PERKINS, Joseph Warren (I3185)
PERKINS, Mary (I3187)
PERKINS, Thomas (I3184)
PERKINS, Thomas (I3183)
PERLEY, Louisa (I2371)
PERRY, Caleb D. (I2270)
PERRY, Catherine (I3209)
PERRY, David Duston (I2266)
PERRY, George W. (I6986)
PERRY, Joseph (I2260)
PERRY, Lewis Leon (I4823)
PERRY, Moses (I2262)
PERRY, Phebe (I2268)
PERRY, Ruth (I1437)
PERRY, Susanna (I2271)
PERRY, William (I2263)
PERSDOTTER, Christina Martha (I261)
PERSSON, Daniel (I7415)
PERSSON, Olof (I270)
PERSSON, Pehr (I272)
PETELL, Arthur (I4310)
PETERS, Audrey (I434)
PETERS, Emma (I311)
PETERS, Lawrence (I433)
PETERS, Marion (I6441)
PETERSON, Adolph (I450)
PETERSON, Anna Ahboo (I151)
PETERSON, Flora Adelaide (I8103)
PETERSON, Jennie (I447)
PETERSON, Laura L. (I4863)
PETERSON, Leander (I451)
PETERSON, Nels (I448)
PETERSON, Nels Peter (I319)
PETERSON, Otto (I449)
PETOK, Gary S (I7985)
PETTE, Annie Folsom (I3557)
PETTE, Susanna (I7226)
PETTEE, Rhoda (I7934)
PFAFFMANN, Magdalena (I1547)
PFAFFMANN, Sebastian (I1550)
PHELPS, Lorenzo F. (I1701)
PHILIBERT, Paul M. (I4295)
PHILIPS, Ella (I1166)
PHILIPS, Mabel Juanita (I4750)
PHILLIPS, Audrey (I6250)
PHILLIPS, Dorothy (I1280)
PICKERING, Sarah A. (I3495)
PIDGIN, Daniel (I2053)
PIDGIN, Elizabeth (I2052)
PIERCE, Benjamin (I645)
PIERCE, Daniel (I550)
PIERCE, Sarah (I534)
PIKE, Abigail (I7754)
PIKE, Elizabeth (I7757)
PIKE, Esther Isabel (I4701)
PIKE, Hannah (I948)
PIKE, Hannah (I7751)
PIKE, James (I7755)
PIKE, Joanna (I5036)
PIKE, Joanna (I1805)
PIKE, John Captain(I949)
PIKE, Mary (I7752)
PIKE, Moses (I7750)
PIKE, Sarah (I7753)
PIKE, Simeon (I7758)
PIKE, Solomon (I7756)
PINGREE, Lucy M. (I3486)
PINNELL, Minne May (I4374)
PINO, Simone (I6436)
PIXLEY, Elsie (I3213)
PLACE, Lydia P. (I3552)
PLANTAGENET, Anne of York (I953)
PLANTAGENET, Edward IV King of England (I956)
PLANTAGENET, Edward The Black Prince (I971)
PLANTAGENET, Edward V King of England (I7394)
PLANTAGENET, Eleanor (I999)
PLANTAGENET, Eleanor (I839)
PLANTAGENET, Elizabeth Of York (I7374)
PLANTAGENET, Elizabeth Princess of England (I982)
PLANTAGENET, Henry of York (I7491)
PLANTAGENET, Isabella Empress of Germany (I831)
PLANTAGENET, Joan of Acre (I987)
PLANTAGENET, John Of York (I7372)
PLANTAGENET, Lionel Duke of Clarence (I973)
PLANTAGENET, Margaret of York (I961)
PLANTAGENET, Philippa (I975)
PLANTAGENET, Prince William Count of Poiters (I7390)
PLANTAGENET, Queen of Scotland England (I827)
PLANTAGENET, Richard 3rd Duke of York (I954)
PLANTAGENET, Richard Duke of York (I963)
PLANTAGENET, Richard II (I7399)
PLANTAGENET, Richard III King of England (I960)
PLANTAGENET, Richard of Cornwall (I825)
PLANTAGENET, Sir Roger De Clarendon (I7392)
PLANTAGENET, Thomas Earl of Buckingham (I977)
PLANTAGENET, Ursula of York (I962)
PLANTAGNET, Henry The Young King (I7391)
PLATT, Rosetta (I5958)
PLUMER, Mehitable (I7798)
PLUMER, Nathan (I7800)
PLUMER, Nathan (I7797)
PLUMLEY, Emma J. (I3797)
PLUMMER, Farnham (I2137)
PLUMMER, Thomas (I2138)
POLLARD, James (I5823)
POLLARD, Rachel (I2394)
POLLARD, Seeley (Selah) (I5824)
POLLEYS, Husband (I6100)
POOLE, Martha Ann (I706)
POOLE, Mary Etta (I6927)
POOR, Eliza (I2560)
POOR, George (I2559)
POOR, Sarah (I8220)
POOR, Stephen (I2558)
PORTER, Adalaide (I5070)
PORTER, William (I5254)
POWELL, Augusta R. (I5385)
POWELL, Isabella (I1429)
POWELL, Lurainia (I58)
POWELL, Mary V. (I8078)
POWERS, Lydia Melardy (I27)
PRAT, Ella (I4738)
PRCHLIK, Susan Carole (I6033)
PRESCOTT, Capt James (I2733)
PRESCOTT, Elzira Frances (I4625)
PRESCOTT, Hiram (I7282)
PRESCOTT, Jonathan (I2775)
PRESCOTT, Samuel (I2776)
PRESCOTT, Sarah M. (I3702)
PRESCOTT, William (I3343)
PRESSY, Ansenath (I2265)
PRESSY, Enoch (I2261)
PRIME, Mary (I8093)
PRITCHARD, Amos Alexander (I2510)
PRITCHARD, Caroline Dustin (I2499)
PRITCHARD, Frances Maria (I2508)
PRITCHARD, George Augustus (I2503)
PRITCHARD, Jane Sophia (I2501)
PRITCHARD, Lt. Amos (I2498)
PRITCHARD, Sarah Ann (I2506)
PROCTOR, John Gibson (I3120)
PROVENCE, Eleonore Leonor of (I990)
PROVENCE, Sanchia of (I7762)
PROVENCE, William I Count of (I7346)
PUFFER, Jemima (I3208)
PULSIFER, Abel Woodman (I7978)
PULSIFER, Americus Vespucius (I7979)
PULSIFER, Arthur Gilmore Wellington (I7984)
PULSIFER, Christopher Columbus (I7982)
PULSIFER, Francis James Jackson (I7983)
PULSIFER, Hannah Dustin (I7977)
PULSIFER, John (I2036)
PULSIFER, John Perkins (I7981)
PURINTUN, Edith Margaret (I6329)
PURMINGTON, Charlotte E. (I3967)
PURMINGTON, David H. (I3966)
PURMONT, Mark (I3300)
PUSEY, Susanna (I1377)
PUTNAM, Israel (I7700)
PUTNAM, James H. (I3913)
PUTNAM, Samuel (I7158)
PUTNEY, Ann (I3668)

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