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[BABCOCK, Bertha Ruth] - [BETTIS, Joyce Alene]

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[BABCOCK, Bertha Ruth] - [BOYER, Lillian M.]
[BOYER, Margaret F.] - [BUTTRICK, Charles H.]

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BABCOCK, Bertha Ruth (I5307)
BACHELDER, Alfaretta (I4393)
BACKUS, Nancy (I5742)
BAGLEY, Betsey Miranda (I681)
BAGLEY, Betsy Ann (I364)
BAGLEY, George Washington (I680)
BAGLEY, John French (I679)
BAILEY, Abiah (I2960)
BAILEY, David (I2957)
BAILEY, Douglas Gerald (I6965)
BAILEY, Ebenezer (I1861)
BAILEY, Gerald Claude (I6964)
BAILEY, John Clendinen (I2959)
BAILEY, Martha Ann (I4162)
BAILEY, Mary (I1865)
BAILEY, Moores (I2953)
BAILEY, Moores (I2954)
BAILEY, Ruthena (I2956)
BAILEY, Sarah (I1803)
BAILEY, Susanna (I1791)
BAILEY, Thomas Duston (I2958)
BAILEY, Valerie (I469)
BAILEY, William Henry (I472)
BAILEY, William Howard (I467)
BAILEY, William John (I468)
BAKER, Aaron Whittemore (I2606)
BAKER, Emma M. Stump (I5881)
BAKER, Francis Milton (I6274)
BAKER, Gladys (I155)
BAKER, Henry M. (I2607)
BAKER, John B. (I2609)
BAKER, Lucia Harmony (I2906)
BAKER, Rufus (I2608)
BALL, Belinda (I2288)
BALL, Columbus (I2287)
BALL, Emri W. (I2289)
BALL, George (I2281)
BALL, Jesse P. (I2282)
BALL, Levi K. (I2285)
BALL, Nathan G. (I2284)
BALLING, Karolina Adelgunda (I1657)
BALLING, Magnus Joseph (I1658)
BARBER, Deborah C. (I2654)
BARKER, Harriet (I3852)
BARKER, Sarah E. (I3593)
BARNARD, Eliza Anna (I3723)
BARNARD, Rhoda (I7454)
BARNARD, Sarah (I2442)
BARNARD, Sarah Ann (I4117)
BARNES, Adalaide (I5074)
BARNES, Alfred (I5073)
BARNES, Arthur (I5067)
BARNES, Blanche (I5064)
BARNES, Ellen (I5240)
BARNES, Erlene Laurinda (I5)
BARNES, George Washington (I2846)
BARNES, Harold George (I2)
BARNES, Harold Thurber (I3)
BARNES, Holly Elizabeth (I14)
BARNES, Horace (I5071)
BARNES, Horace Milton (I5069)
BARNES, Ida May (I5065)
BARNES, John Francis (I2848)
BARNES, John (I5066)
BARNES, Laura Hamlin (I37)
BARNES, Lloyd George (I9)
BARNES, Lloyd (I5068)
BARNES, Madeline (I5086)
BARNES, Margaret Elizabeth (I6160)
BARNES, Melzar Curtis (I6161)
BARNES, Minnie (I5241)
BARNES, Robert Lloyd (I13)
BARNES, Ruth (I5111)
BARNES, Sandra Lea (I12)
BARNES, Sharon Lynette (I11)
BARNES, Stillborn (I17)
BARRETT, Elvira (I7546)
BARRETT, Maryette (I4470)
BARRON, Sarah (I2421)
BARROWS, Emma O. (I4503)
BARROWS, John (I4504)
BARROWS, Josephine (I4490)
BARROWS, Juliet (I4448)
BARTLETT, Abigail (I1913)
BARTLETT, Emily A. (I3476)
BARTLETT, Judith (I2080)
BARTLETT, Mary (I1246)
BARTLETT, Mary (I5582)
BATCHELOR, Debora (I1454)
BATT, Ann (I639)
BAUDER, Dorothy (I6494)
BAUM, Elsie Evelyn (I4927)
BAUMGARTNER, Peter (I1546)
BEAN, Abigail (I1294)
BEAN, Anna Eliza (I4612)
BEAN, Charlotte (I1288)
BEAN, Elsie (I1850)
BEAN, Elvira Calista (I4609)
BEATTY, Christopher (I7227)
BEATTY, Eliza J. (I2950)
BEATTY, George B. (I2949)
BEATTY, George D. (I2952)
BEATTY, Sarah McCloud (I2951)
BEAUCLERC, Henry I King of England (I830)
BEAUCLERC, Henry III King of England (I989)
BELCHER, Hannah (I7782)
BELLE, Monta Boston (I5440)
BELLOWS, Harry Alvin (I5270)
BELLOWS, Hazel (I5271)
BELLOWS, Perry E. (I5269)
BENNETT, Ellie Renee (I5591)
BENNETT, Elsadia M. (I4234)
BENNETT, Hallie Marie (I5592)
BENTLEY, Sarah (I3657)
BERNAL, Stephanie (I3878)
BERRY, Abigail (I2233)
BERRY, Carolyn (I290)
BERRY, Charles Frederick (I292)
BERRY, Diane Elizabeth (I75)
BERRY, Elizebeth (I611)
BERRY, Herbert Chipman (I287)
BERRY, James Gordon (I76)
BERRY, James Ruben (I288)
BERRY, Louise Ann (I65)
BERRY, Mary (I529)
BERRY, Mary F. (I4632)
BERRY, Melvin James (I73)
BERRY, Shirley Muriel (I294)
BERRY, Wife (I7327)
BERRY, William (I429)
BERRY, Wilma (I430)
BERRY, Wilmont (I291)
BETTIS, Alton Richard (I5446)
BETTIS, Joyce Alene (I5448)
BETTIS, Mary Louise (I7139)
BETTIS, Patricia (I7140)
BETTIS, Raymond Alton (I5450)
BETTIS, Richard Frakie (I5447)
BEYER, Lucy (I6465)
BICKMORE, Gilbert Montier Lafayette (I6998)
BICKMORE, Mary Catherine (I6301)
BICKNELL, Alfred (I2187)
BICKNELL, Betsy Dustin (I2186)
BICKNELL, Dana (I2184)
BICKNELL, Horace (I2182)
BICKNELL, Leonard (I2185)
BICKNELL, Louisa Ruth (I2188)
BICKNELL, Lucy (I2183)
BICKNELL, Nathan (I2171)
BICKNELL, Nathaniel (I2170)
BICKNELL, Nathaniel (I2176)
BICKNELL, Olive (I2178)
BICKNELL, Rev Simeon Smith (I2173)
BICKNELL, Sophronia (I2189)
BIEDNER, Catharine Barbara (I1531)
BIGGS, Matthew Thomas (I34)
BIGGS, Tom (I33)
BISBEE, Mary E. (I4351)
BIXBY, Eliza (I4641)
BLAISDELL, Ann Maria (I4432)
BLAISDELL, Ernest Dennison (I4559)
BLAISDELL, Ezra (I1453)
BLAISDELL, James W. (I5231)
BLAISDELL, Mary (I1452)
BLAISDELL, Mary Louise (I4560)
BLAISDELL, Nancy (I5238)
BLAISDELL, Ruth Mary Jane (I5232)
BLAISDELL, Sally (I3293)
BLAKE, Archie True (I5422)
BLAKE, Edward V. (I5423)
BLAKE, Edward V. (I4598)
BLAKE, George Merle (I5424)
BLAKESLY, Fulcher (I4621)
BLAKESLY, Lell (I4622)
BLANCHE, Mary (I6162)
BLODGETT, Mary (I3679)
BLYTHE, Edward (I2083)
BLYTHE, Elizabeth K. (I2081)
BOARDMAN, Amelia "Mila" (I5596)
BODWELL, Sarah (I643)
BOEHLES, Michaelisl (I1528)
BOEHLES, Regina (I1524)
BOHUN, Margaret of (I985)
BOISE, Lydia (I4132)
BONAH, Blanche (I4319)
BONBY, Mrs. John Hornsey of (I7432)
BOND, Lydia (I399)
BONNETTI, Arlene (I6409)
BORDERS, Hattie F. (I5879)
BOWERS, Mary Ann (I6107)
BOWERS, Sarah (I6109)
BOWMAN, Marcia Lee (I6649)
BOYCE, Jane (I2917)
BOYER, Alice Blanch (I1625)
BOYER, Anneve (I1629)
BOYER, Edmond L. (I1624)
BOYER, Eldon Lee (I5897)
BOYER, Florence A. (I5898)
BOYER, Lillian M. (I4578)

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