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CADY, William (I3043)
CAERNARFON, Edward II King of England (I978)
CAHALL, Joseph Willey (I6893)
CAHALL, Virginia (I6894)
CAHILL, Jeanne (I5088)
CALDER, Elizabeth Alexander (I7825)
CALFE, John (I1807)
CALL, Cyril (I7128)
CALL, Mary Ann (I7535)
CALL, Sonora Rosaline (I4167)
CALLAHAN, Mary Agnes (I4646)
CALLEY, Rev Benjamin (I2716)
CALLIE, Callie N. (I7805)
CAMPBELL, Adelaide (I6661)
CAMPBELL, Dr Joeseph H. (I3015)
CAMPBELL, John (I3123)
CAMPBELL, Marguerite D. (I5306)
CAMPBELL, Raymond (I5305)
CANFIELD, Charles T (I8175)
CANTRAL, John I. (I7620)
CAPEN, Mary (I8272)
CAPWELL, Huldah Adelaide (I4092)
CARDEN, William P. (I6060)
CAREY, Clarke (I5383)
CAREY, Harold Fremont (I5384)
CARLOTTE, Hugh (I5488)
CARLOTTE, Husband (I5487)
CARLOTTE, Thomas (I5489)
CARLOTTE, Unknown (I5490)
CARPENTER, Abigail (I3828)
CARPENTER, Alice Maude (I5627)
CARPENTER, Ann (I3309)
CARPENTER, Irene (I3308)
CARPENTER, Jane E. (I3906)
CARR, Anna (I666)
CARR, Ruth (I1764)
CARR, Samuel (I1761)
CARSON, Docie (I6104)
CARSON, Johnnie (I6105)
CARSON, L'azenna (I6103)
CARSON, W.G. (I6102)
CASEY, Sarah R. (I8076)
CASS, Benjamin (I3474)
CASS, Blanche (I3475)
CASS, Charles C. (I7605)
CASS, Mary (I2264)
CASTELLO, Dan (I5750)
CASTILE, Alphonso VIII King of (I1000)
CASTILE, Eleanor of (I981)
CASTILE, Isabella of (I966)
CASWELL, Mary (I2064)
CATES, Alma M. (I5387)
CECIL, Catherine Bernice (I6953)
CEENAN, Evelyn R. (I882)
CHADWICK, Augustus (I2567)
CHADWICK, Eben D. (I2566)
CHADWICK, Mary (I2568)
CHADWICK, Nancy D. (I2564)
CHADWICK, Nancy D. (I2569)
CHADWICK, Phineas (I2562)
CHADWICK, Sally C. (I2565)
CHADWICK, William B. (I2563)
CHAMBERLAIN, Adelaide I. M. (I4030)
CHAMBERLAIN, Hazel (I6403)
CHAMBERLAIN, Velma (I6663)
CHANDLER, Abigail Emily (I2858)
CHANDLER, David Stoval (I7687)
CHANDLER, Elizabeth (I2139)
CHANDLER, Frances Soviah (I2862)
CHANDLER, Franklin (I2859)
CHANDLER, George Kimball (I2860)
CHANDLER, Hannah (I146)
CHANDLER, Harriet Eliza (I2863)
CHANDLER, Hiram (I2854)
CHANDLER, John Dustin (I2861)
CHANDLER, Martha Ellen (I2864)
CHANDLER, Mary (I2855)
CHANDLER, Molly (I3116)
CHANDLER, Molly (I7957)
CHANDLER, Nehemiah (I2853)
CHANDLER, Samuel Thompson (I2857)
CHANDLER, Sarah (I2856)
CHAPLES, Grace Esther (I7315)
CHAPMAN, Charles (I4520)
CHAPMAN, Elva M. (I4698)
CHAPMAN, Joseph (I2802)
CHARLES, Elizabeth (I1959)
CHASE, Abel Duston (I2045)
CHASE, Abram (I2588)
CHASE, Aquila (I7436)
CHASE, Charles Barnes (I2971)
CHASE, Christopher (I2969)
CHASE, Emma F. (I2997)
CHASE, Ezra (I2043)
CHASE, Ezra (I2037)
CHASE, Hannah (I2044)
CHASE, John (I2041)
CHASE, Judith (I2047)
CHASE, Judith (I1867)
CHASE, Lucy (I2049)
CHASE, Lydia Dustin (I2048)
CHASE, Mary Abbie (I2970)
CHASE, Mary E. (I2283)
CHASE, Molly (I7144)
CHASE, Moody (I2046)
CHASE, Moses (I2039)
CHASE, Nathaniel (I2030)
CHASE, Robert (I2975)
CHASE, Ruth (I2042)
CHASE, Sewall (I2050)
CHASE, Vinnie S. (I5436)
CHENEY, Abigail (I1048)
CHENEY, Abigail (I4984)
CHENEY, Abigail (I5017)
CHENEY, Caleb (I1615)
CHENEY, Daniel (I4978)
CHENEY, Daniel (I2020)
CHENEY, Daniel (I546)
CHENEY, Daniel (I509)
CHENEY, Daniel (I1802)
CHENEY, Duston (I1611)
CHENEY, Edward A. (I3191)
CHENEY, Eliphalet (I1613)
CHENEY, Elizabeth Unknown (I7717)
CHENEY, Enoch (I7225)
CHENEY, Ephraim Giles (I3379)
CHENEY, Georgianna Grace (I4252)
CHENEY, Hannah (I4993)
CHENEY, Hannah (I4977)
CHENEY, Hannah (I1045)
CHENEY, Henrietta E. (I4248)
CHENEY, Ida Ann (I3870)
CHENEY, Isaac (I4995)
CHENEY, James (I4983)
CHENEY, Joanna (I5001)
CHENEY, John (Thomas) (I4982)
CHENEY, John (I4991)
CHENEY, John (I1043)
CHENEY, John (I7714)
CHENEY, John (I7732)
CHENEY, John (I7722)
CHENEY, John L. (I4249)
CHENEY, John (I7716)
CHENEY, Joseph (I5011)
CHENEY, Judith (I4952)
CHENEY, Mary (I1031)
CHENEY, Mary (I4980)
CHENEY, Nathaniel (I4997)
CHENEY, Nathaniel (I4981)
CHENEY, Nathaniel (I1047)
CHENEY, Rebecca (I4989)
CHENEY, Reuben (I5014)
CHENEY, Ruth (I4986)
CHENEY, Sarah (I4985)
CHENEY, Sarah (I1046)
CHENEY, Sarah (I5004)
CHENEY, Sir John (I7725)
CHENEY, Sir Lawrence (I7727)
CHENEY, Sir William (I7729)
CHENEY, Susanna (I4987)
CHENEY, Thomas (I1044)
CHENEY, Thomas (I4979)
CHENEY, Thomas (I7723)
CHENEY, William (I7720)
CHENEY, William (I7718)
CHILD, Joseph (I1259)
CHILD, Mary Ann James (I1258)
CHIPMAN, Pleasant Justice (I7000)
CHRISTIANSON, Brittany Jean (I1503)
CHRISTIANSON, Norman O. (I7902)
CHRISTIANSON, Penny ? (I1501)
CHRISTIENSEN, Maurine (I6530)
CILLEY, Amber Sharon (I36)
CILLEY, Wesley Leonard (I35)
CILLY, Francis (I7455)
CILLY, Phillip (I7456)
CLAFLIN, Edwin (I6405)
CLARENCE, George Plantagenet Duke of (I959)
CLARK, Abbie C. (I2291)
CLARK, Abigail (I653)
CLARK, Abigail (I651)
CLARK, Abner Barlette (I658)
CLARK, Anna (I657)
CLARK, Anna Eleanor 'Annie' (I871)
CLARK, Belinda (I701)
CLARK, Benjamin (I654)
CLARK, Charles (I874)
CLARK, Charlotte (I344)
CLARK, Deacon Taylor (I2728)
CLARK, Edward W. (I7740)
CLARK, Eleazer (I652)
CLARK, Eleazer (I699)
CLARK, Eliza (I659)
CLARK, Francis (I868)
CLARK, Frank Newell (I872)
CLARK, George M. (I873)
CLARK, George W. (I865)
CLARK, Grace (I5963)
CLARK, Helen W. (I7741)
CLARK, Henry (I656)
CLARK, James C. (I5887)
CLARK, John (I532)
CLARK, John (I650)
CLARK, John (I668)
CLARK, Laura Estelle (I5416)
CLARK, Lewis (I704)
CLARK, Lora (I1464)
CLARK, Mary (I660)
CLARK, Mary (I1372)
CLARK, Mary E. (I875)
CLARK, Mary Jane (I866)
CLARK, Melvin C. (I2352)
CLARK, Nancy (I7435)
CLARK, Nathaniel (I698)
CLARK, Nehemiah (I696)
CLARK, Noah (I667)
CLARK, Noah S. (I867)
CLARK, Osborn (I703)
CLARK, Richard S. (I661)
CLARK, Sally (I700)
CLARK, Samuel Shumway (I2502)
CLARK, Sarah (I662)
CLARK, Sewell (I697)
CLARK, Sigourney (I870)
CLARK, Susan (I705)
CLARK, Taylor (I2726)
CLARK, Theophilus (I655)
CLARK, William (I702)
CLARKE, Mary J. (I6278)
CLAUGH, Dolly (I2938)
CLAUS, Carl N. (I4280)
CLEMENS, Henry W. (I3423)
CLEMENT, Clarissa (I3607)
CLEMENT, Ezra (I8068)
CLEMENT, Jonathan (I1836)
CLEMENT, Lydia (I1946)
CLEMENT, Mary Almira (I4880)
CLEMENT, Susanna (I1887)
CLEMENTS, Abigail (I2537)
CLEMENTS, Benjamin (I5581)
CLEMENTS, Elizabeth (I8211)
CLEMENTS, Elizabeth (I1846)
CLEMENTS, Job (I1750)
CLEMENTS, John (I5585)
CLEMENTS, John (I5583)
CLEMENTS, Robert (I5588)
CLEMENTS, Susan (I7992)
CLEVENGER, John Russell (I6818)
CLEVINGER, Adrian Merrill (I5949)
CLIFFORD, Jerusha (I3290)
CLIFFORD, Judith (I2741)
CLINCH, Catherine (I1668)
CLOGSTONE, Charles H. (I4450)
CLOUGH, David (I1872)
CLOUGH, Elizabeth (I1880)
CLOUGH, Hannah (I1873)
CLOUGH, Henry H. (I3750)
CLOUGH, Jethro (I1869)
CLOUGH, Lydia (I1879)
CLOUGH, Martha (I2329)
CLOUGH, Mary (I1870)
CLOUGH, Mary Ann (I7177)
CLOUGH, Nathaniel (I1871)
CLOUGH, Ruth (I1881)
CLOUGH, Thomas (I1878)
CLOUGH, Timothy (I1882)
COATES, Roy D. (I4705)
COBB, Guilford (I2165)
COBERLY, Margaret (I7661)
COBHILL, Mary (I6759)
COBURN, Albert Emerson (I6634)
COBURN, Otis B. (I4436)
Coburn, Otis T. (I7874)
COCHRAN, Emily (I2325)
COCKAYNE, Elizabeth (I7728)
CODMAN, Elhanon W. (I2478)
COFFIN, Amos (I2077)
COFFIN, Duston (I4973)
COFFIN, Eliphalet (I5008)
COFFIN, Enoch (I5007)
COFFIN, Hezekiah (I5006)
COFFIN, Icabod (I2079)
COFFIN, John (I4974)
COFFIN, John (I4972)
COFFIN, Joseph (I2078)
COFFIN, Lieut John (I1806)
COGNAC, Amelia of (I826)
COGNAC, Philip Lord of (I824)
COGSWELL, Augustus (I2389)
COGSWELL, Caroline (I2388)
COGSWELL, Charles (I2390)
COGSWELL, Dr Frank (I2391)
COGSWELL, John (I2385)
COGSWELL, John (I2386)
COHIA, Eddie Epperson (I6835)
COLBY, Hannah (I2504)
COLBY, James (I3683)
COLBY, Mary (I7711)
COLBY, Mary (I2477)
COLBY, Molly (I3341)
COLBY, Polly (I2471)
COLBY, Sarah (I4992)
COLE, Charlton Franklin (I7309)
COLE, Ethel Ruth (I7313)
COLE, John Henry (I7310)
COLE, Lucella May (I7311)
COLE, Lucy (I7645)
COLE, Mable Grace (I7307)
COLE, Rebecca (I2060)
COLE, Sarah Jershua. (I6342)
COLE, Vera Cora (I7308)
COLE, William Clayton (I7312)
COLE, William Clayton (I5263)
COLEMAN, Margaret E. (I4062)
COLLINS, Joanna (I727)
COLLINS, Moses (I7453)
COLVIN, Myrtle (I7337)
COMBS, Louisa Francis (I3409)
CONANT, Fred (I3391)
CONANT, Gardner H. (I4314)
CONANT, Gertrude (I3392)
CONFER, Joseph H. (I8143)
CONNER, J. Howard (I4583)
CONQUERER, William I King of England The (I840)
CONSTABLE, Katherine (I810)
CONSTABLE, Marmaduke (I816)
CONSTABLE, Sir Robert (I818)
CONYERS, Jane (I817)
COODY, Clarice (I5555)
COOK, Charles (I2065)
COOK, Dolly (I1894)
COOK, Elias (I2066)
COOK, Elias (I2063)
COOK, Mary Caswell (I2069)
COOK, Moody (I2070)
COOK, Moody Dustin (I2071)
COOK, Olas Afton (I6166)
COOK, Ruth A. (I2073)
COOK, Sally (I2067)
COOK, Sarah Sally (I2068)
COOK, William F. A. (I2074)
COOK, Zebedee (I2072)
COONLEY, Elizabeth (I6215)
COOPER, Albert (I2832)
COOPER, Cyrus (I2833)
COOPER, Dustin (I2837)
COOPER, Edith May (I4424)
COOPER, Edwin (I2836)
COOPER, Horris (I2835)
COOPER, John (I2834)
COOPER, Joseph (I2838)
COOPER, Joseph (I2831)
COOPER, Samuel (I2839)
COPP, Benjamin (I8225)
COPP, David (I8222)
COPP, Mary (I8217)
COPP, Mehitable (I8221)
COPP, Moses (I1815)
COPP, Moses (I8218)
COPP, Samuel (I8224)
COPPERTHWAITE, Minnie Pearl (I4753)
CORBIN, Laura M. (I3326)
CORLISS, Abigail (I3767)
CORLISS, Joseph (I3765)
CORLISS, Lydia (I3756)
CORLISS, Martha (I7239)
CORNELL, Hannah (I4004)
CORSON, Arthur Louis (I3562)
CORSON, Frank Duston (I3556)
CORSON, Frank Irving (I3555)
CORSON, Frederick Leslie (I3558)
CORSON, Howard Albert (I3560)
CORSON, Mary (I3551)
CORY, Almon (I3479)
COSBOLT, Edith (I4846)
COSTELLO, Mary Unknown (I7221)
COSTELLO, Michael (I7220)
COSTELLO, Thomas (I7219)
COTE, Yvonne Lucille (I4919)
COUGH, Josephine Estella (I4848)
COUPAL, Joseph (I4305)
COWEN, Martha (I3275)
COWLES, Lucy (I3077)
COX, Davey Crockett (I7948)
COX, Elias (I6084)
COX, Finetta Ann (I7956)
COX, George Burdette (I7949)
COX, Henry Franklin (I6087)
COX, Isaac (I7947)
COX, Isaac Milton (I7954)
COX, John (Perhaps Watson) (I6086)
COX, John (I7950)
COX, Mary Helen (I7953)
COX, Melville C. (I4084)
COX, Virginia L (I7839)
COX, William Benjamin (I7951)
CRAFT, John Corson (I3894)
CRAIG, Melvin S. (I3642)
CRANE, Louis (I6028)
CRANE, Samuel (I2571)
CRAWFORD, Mabel (I5890)
CREIGHTON, Donald Henry (I4877)
CRIQUI, Norman William (I7824)
CROCKEN, Elizabeth Ellen (I6775)
CROCKER, Samuel (I8111)
CROCKETT, Mehitable (I2761)
CROCKETT, Polly (I5595)
CROOK, Asa (I2819)
CROOK, Asa (I2828)
CROOK, Caroline (I2830)
CROOK, Charles (I2824)
CROOK, Cynthia (I2825)
CROOK, Laura (I2829)
CROOK, Lucy (I2826)
CROOK, Lydia (I2820)
CROOK, Mary (I2821)
CROOK, Sarah Sally (I2827)
CROOK, Theron Wells (I2822)
CROOK, Timothy Dustin (I2823)
CROSBY, Archie Barnard (I6158)
CROSBY, Isaac N. (I8115)
CROSBY, John (I4624)
CROSBY, R. C. (I4623)
CROSS, Belinda (I3468)
CROSS, Deacon Thomas (I2016)
CROSS, Dempsy (I7505)
CROSS, Emily J. (I4463)
CROSS, Georgianna I. (I7503)
CROSS, Joseph (I2015)
CROSS, Moses (I7298)
CROSS, Rebecca (I2638)
CROSSE, Cecely (I7440)
CROSSLY, Sarah (I2979)
CROTHERS, Clayton Marvin (I7811)
CROUCHBACK, Edmund Earl of Lancaster (I991)
CROWE, Ralph Austin (I8137)
CROWELL, Hannah (I1905)
CROWLEY, Georgann (I6386)
CUMMINGS, Angeline (I683)
CUMMINGS, Ellen M. (I4462)
CUMMINGS, Idella E. (I5381)
CURRIER, Angeline (I1455)
CURRIER, Eliab (I1451)
CURRIER, Hannah (I2318)
CURRIER, Helen Florence (I3561)
CURRIER, John (I1448)
CURRIER, Lois (I5159)
CURRIER, Nathaniel (I1449)
CURRIER, Richard H. (I2974)
CURTIS, Emily (I5683)
CURTIS, Emma (I3842)
CURTIS, Francis (I5687)
CURTIS, Freeman (I5691)
CURTIS, Mary Ann (I5681)
CURTIS, Phebe E. Bragg (I3460)
CURTIS, Sophie (I5685)
CURTIS, Stanley (I3867)
CURTIS, Thomas (I5680)
CURTIS, Willard (I5689)
CURTMANTLE, Henry II King of England (I996)
CURZNER, Ernest (I4634)
CUSHING, Ann (I1082)
CUSHMAN, Benjamin H. (I7886)
CUSHMAN, Charles (I3777)
CUSHMAN, Clara Adaline (I7885)
CUSHMAN, George L. (I7887)
CUSHMAN, George P. (I3782)
CUSHMAN, James Monroe (I7884)
CUSHMAN, Phoebe Alberta (I7888)
CUSHMAN, Susan Agnes (I7883)
CYR, Robert (I4499)

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